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OSMF Plug-in Developer’s Guide Posted

We’ve posted a draft of the plug-in developer’s guide (PDF) to the Developer Documentation section of the OSMF site.  Feedback is welcome.

Here’s an outline:

1. Overview
        Why Plug-ins?
        What is a Plug-in?

2. Using Plug-ins in a Media Player
        Loading a Plug-in
        Using a Plug-in
        Plug-in Collisions
                Plug-in Metadata
                Plug-in Resolution
        Plug-in Load Failures

3. Building a Plug-in
        Building a Basic Plug-in
        Implementing Static Plug-ins
        Implementing Dynamic Plug-ins
        Initializing Your Plug-in
        Types of Plug-ins
                Standard Plug-ins
                Proxy Plug-ins
                Reference Plug-ins
                Proxy vs. Reference Plug-ins
        Plug-in Versioning

4. Additional Resources

Another great OSMF player

Check out the live KickOff Concert for the World Cup at . Greg Hamer, one of the co-managers of the OSMF Users Group helped create the player with Vevo, AEG Live and Conviva. Learn more about it at Greg’s blog: blog  (and catch some of that World Cup fever at the concert ;>

OSMF Presentation by Lisa Larson-Kelley

Don’t forget that next Wednesday, Lisa Larson-Kelley will be doing a great overview presentation of OSMF 1.0.  In addition to OSMF,  she will also be covering the new Strobe Media Player, and . Strobe Media Player is in prerelase and available for download right now at Strobe Media Playback.  OSMFAppStudio is a new hosted service that allows you to build and deploy social video players in minutes.

To see Lisa’s presentation:  Register Here