Flash Media Playback and Strobe Media Playback v1.0 are live !

Great news!  The StrobeSWF team has released the 1.0 versions of both Flash Media Playback (FMP) and its open source version, Strobe Media Playback (SMP)

Here is a little background on each product:

Flash Media Playback is a free media player,  hosted on Adobe.com.  By adding just a few lines of HTML to your web page, you can display high quality video in minutes.  Flash Media Playback comes with a great looking user interface that is easy to customize.  It supports all of the latest delivery methods of the Flash Platform, and with just a small amount of additional HTML, it integrates with third party services from Adobe’s plug-in partners.  Try the 1.0 release of Flash Media Playback

The team also created a very cool “configurator” for generating the HTML needed to embed FMP in your web page.  give it are try at: http://www.osmf.org/configurator/fmp/

Strobe Media Playback has all the same functionality as Flash Media Playback, but instead of being hosted by Adobe, SMP and its source code are avaialable for download from the new wiki site:  https://sourceforge.net/adobe/smp/home/

Also, check out the great article that Greg Hamer wrote on FMP: