OSMF “Neon” Sprint 3 Release Posted

We’re excited to announce that the first sprint release of OSMF 1.5 “Neon” is available!  We’ve been working closely with the Flash Media Server team to provide client-side support for some of the new FMS features.  Here are the highlights from this sprint release:

  • Multicast Support.  OSMF now supports Multicast, a new feature in FMS 4.0, enabling publishers to reach audiences within and beyond their network without a CDN.  The feature includes support for Native IP Multicast, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Multicast, and Native IP Multicast with fallback to P2P Multicast (known as Fusion).
  • Stream Reconnect Support.  Stream Reconnect minimizes unnecessary playback interruptions by providing a grace period when the player loses its network connection.  The player will continue to play out the buffer while it attempts to re-establish a network connection.  Stream Reconnect is supported in FMS 3.5.3.

The release also includes a number of bug fixes.  We’ve also posted an updated version of Strobe Media Playback that uses the “Neon” Sprint 3 release. (Updated: The SMP ZIP includes OSMF 1.0.  We’ll be providing an updated version of SMP that uses the “Neon” drop in the near future.) Here are the relevant links:

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