Our first sprint drop for Strobe Media Playback Neon!

Strobe Media Playback has also added an exciting new feature with this latest sprint, a JavaScript API for creating player controls in HTML / CSS / JavaScript.  For web developers and designers, this provides a familiar mechanism for creating a control bar.  The JavaScript API also enables a portable set of playback controls that can be used with SMP as well as other video players, providing a seamless UI across multiple players.  This is particularly useful in developing things like HTML5 fallback that is undetectable to the user.

Thank you for your continued support of OSMF and Strobe Media Playback!  If you have any feedback or questions, I encourage you to post to the forums or contact me directly at ckwon at adobe dot com.

5 Responses to Our first sprint drop for Strobe Media Playback Neon!

  1. Irfan says:

    I don’t know what are the HTML5 fallback for strobe Media Playback.

    Can anyone please let me know what exactly is “HTML5 Fallback for Strobe Media playback”?

    • Catherine Kwon says:

      We provided some guidance on how someone could use Strobe Media Playback where Flash is supported but then fall back to HTML5 when Flash is not supported. In addition, we showed how you can use the Strobe Media Playback JavaScript API to make player controls that look consistent across both Strobe Media Playback and your HTML5 player. There are more details here.

      Hope that helps!

      • Irfan says:

        Catherine Kwon thanks for your Valuable comment.
        My another question is
        What is HTML5 fallback?
        and is there any future possibility that Strobe Media fallback will support HTML5 fallback.
        Thanks And Regards.

        • Catherine Kwon says:

          HTML5 fallback is a mechanism for using an HTML5 video player instead of a Flash video player when Flash is not supported. HTML5 fallback logic is not included within Strobe Media Playback (because it’s a swf), but we provide sample embed code that will allow you to implement HTML5 fallback. That is what I was referencing in my previous reply. Hopefully that makes sense?


          • Irfan says:

            Hi Catherine Kwon,
            Thanks a lot now i got it.

            I imported Strobe Media playback into Flash Builder.
            its builds and showing player in browser .
            But it showing an Error as well.
            The error is “unknow configuration variable swf-version”
            How it will get fixed

            How OSMF communicates with strobe media playback i.e what mechanism osmf follows.

            Thanks and Regards