OSMF October User Group Meeting

The OSMF User Group is getting back into the swing of things with a presentation tomorrow by Will Law on OSMF and HTTP Dynamic Streaming.  Here is the presentation description:

Learn how to stream video and audio over HTTP networks with HTTP Dynamic Streaming and Adobe Flash Player 10.1, helping you lower costs and reach a wider audience with your video content. This session will step you through the workflows for encoding, packaging, protecting, and delivering video using the Open Source Media Framework. Discover techniques to optimize the F4F file format, tweak the F4F file packager and live packager, and apply DRM with Adobe Flash Access 2. Learn how to set up your own HTTP Origin using Apache to work with popular content delivery networks.

The presenter for this session will be Will Law.  Will has been working with Flash video since FCS and now runs the client side Flash Engineering at Akamai. He co-wrote the “Open Video Player framework for Flash”, the HDCore framework, and is an OSMF contributor. He has spoken at Max on many video topics ranging from Synchronized videos, Multi-Bitrate HD Streaming, Flash Media Server security, and Open Source Media Framework. His new interests are HTTP delivery and Air for Android.

Go get the Connect session details at: OSMF October Presentation

2 Responses to OSMF October User Group Meeting

  1. Kevin Han says:

    Hi, I’m flash developer, Korean. I am searching informations(or documents) about your OSMF to solve the problem that seeking MP4 video, but I don’t konw what on earth the OSMF is. I’d been googling and searching for documents from your site (http://opensource.adobe.com), but I found nothing. I really wanna get full documents about OSMF, especialy about seeking none buffered area of MP4 (h.264) within HTTP progressive download. Is it possible with OSMF? The engineer of CDN told me OSMF can solve my seeking problem, but I got nonthing even I’ve been searching information about OSMF for a week. Please help me to find information that I need. If you don’t mind, please mail me about this. Tank you~ (Ah.. I have sample source and flash help files, but it doesn’t works. There was no error during publishing SWF, but I couldn’t watch anything works with my eyes.)