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OSMF Marketplace is live !

We have just launched the new OSMF Marketplace ! The structure of this Marketplace is based on the existing AIR and Photoshop Marketplaces, and the goal of this Marketplace is to help build a strong and vibrant community around the use of OSMF. We want to encourage developers to post their tutorials, code samples, skins, plug-ins and more. In particular we would like to encourage the creation and distribution of social medial plug-ins. These will encourage sharing of videos across RSS feeds, blogs, twitter accounts, Facebook, YourTube, Vimeo and all the other places people love to look at video.

If you have any questions about how to get started as a publisher, or how to post an offering, please contact me at

Flash and Strobe Media Playback 1.5 are released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Flash Media Playback 1.5 and Strobe Media Playback 1.5!

Flash/Strobe Media Playback 1.5 include some exciting new features, including:

  • Multicast support (IP Multicast, P2P Multicast, and Fusion Multicast)
  • A YouTube plug-in for playing back YouTube videos in Strobe Media Playback
  • A JavaScript API for creating player controls
  • An exploratory HTML5 fallback player that has the same chrome as Strobe Media Playback
  • Support for complex data structures in the XML config file

Flash Media Playback can be configured using the online setup tool.

The Strobe Media Playback swf and source are also available. In addition, Strobe Media Playback is now licensed under the BSD license. This should provide users more flexibility in using the source code.

Be sure sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

OSMF 1.5 is Live!

Today Adobe released OSMF 1.5.

OSMF 1.5 supports all of the new Multicast features recently launched Flash Media Server 4, including:
• Native IP Multicast
• Application level Multicast (Peer to Peer)
• Multicast Fusion

OSMF 1.5 also supports stream reconnect so that if a network connection is lost, it will seamlessly switch to another available network.

Multiple partners already provide plug-ins for OSMF, including advertising, analytics, content delivery and platform services companies: Adap-tv, Akamai, Anvato, ComScore, Conviva, Edgecast, FreeWheel, Kaltura, KIckApps, Limelight Networks, MediaMelon, Omniture, Quantcast, Streaming Media Hosting, Tremor Media, TubeMogul and Videoplaza.

OSMF 1.5 is now available for free download at

JibJab and OSMF

JibJab’s director of engineering, Chris Poe, told us recently why the company chose Open Source Media Framework (OSMF), Flex, and Adobe Flash Builder software to develop its next-generation, custom video player. According to Poe, they wanted to avoid reinventing the wheel and building on top of OSMF was a great way to get their project 90% of the way there as it’s a well-designed, open source media player framework with support from Adobe and the OSMF community.

Poe adds that Adobe Flash technology has always been great for delivering media via the web and that the ubiquity of the Adobe Flash Player and sophistication of the authoring tools made JibJab’s decision to put its money on Adobe Flash technologies and OSMF an easy one.

To read more about how JibJab is using Open Source Media Framework (OSMF), Flex, and Adobe Flash Builder software to develop a custom video player, click here:

Remember to Learn from Lisa

Lisa Larson Kelly has started up a new web site, with lots of great information about video, HTML 5, FMS and OSMF, check it out:

Learn from Lisa

She is gathering information people on how people use Flash based video, make sure you fill out her survey:

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