OSMF 1.5 is Live!

Today Adobe released OSMF 1.5.

OSMF 1.5 supports all of the new Multicast features recently launched Flash Media Server 4, including:
• Native IP Multicast
• Application level Multicast (Peer to Peer)
• Multicast Fusion

OSMF 1.5 also supports stream reconnect so that if a network connection is lost, it will seamlessly switch to another available network.

Multiple partners already provide plug-ins for OSMF, including advertising, analytics, content delivery and platform services companies: Adap-tv, Akamai, Anvato, ComScore, Conviva, Edgecast, FreeWheel, Kaltura, KIckApps, Limelight Networks, MediaMelon, Omniture, Quantcast, Streaming Media Hosting, Tremor Media, TubeMogul and Videoplaza.

OSMF 1.5 is now available for free download at www.osmf.org

3 Responses to OSMF 1.5 is Live!

  1. superabe says:

    Does OSMF 1.5 support the StageVideo feature announced at Max ?

  2. Yogev Shelly says:

    when compiling with AIR, it doesn’t work for some movies, e.g movies stored on facebook:

    this url for example would fail:

    this url for would work:

    Any ideas?
    btw, this would also fail on a the simplest netStream script, when in AIR.