Part 2 of Mastering OSMF is up on DevNet !

Part 2 of the three part series of articles by David Hassoun and John Crosby of RealEyes Media has been posted on the Adobe Developer Connection (under Flash Developer Center tutorials)  It is titled Part 2: Creating and customizing your player.  John and David do a great job of covering both UI controls and the use of serial and parallel compositions with OSMF.  The article dives into the the layout and container functionlity that OSMF offers so that you as a developer or designer can have complete control over the visual experince of your player.  The article consists of a series of walkthroughs with code snippets and with a complete set of samples files so that you can follow along in the code for each subject as it is discussed.  Use it to get yourself up and running quickly with your own OSMF based video player.

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