Sprint 2 of OSMF 1.6 is here!

We’re pleased to announce our 2nd sprint drop for OSMF 1.6.  We dedicated much of this sprint to improving OSMF’s switching logic for HTTP Dynamic Streaming and addressing some of the related bugs.  After testing the fixes and running them through several variable bandwidth scenarios, we observed a definite improvement in switching behavior.  The full list of bugs fixed can be found in the release notes.

In addition, we’ve created a sample advertising plug-in that demonstrates how to insert both in-stream and overlay ads into a video when Stage Video is enabled.  The focus here was on the actual insertion, and we hope this can be used as a starting point by someone developing an ad plug-in.  A demo of the plug-in as well as more details can be found here.

As always, we welcome and encourage your feedback.  I can be personally reached at ckwon at adobe dot com.

Cathi, Sr. Product Manager for OSMF


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