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Simple Stand Alone Video Player

Recently we were asked if we’d ever created an OSMF based desktop player that was capable of switching back and forth between windowed and full-screen mode. The answer was “no”, but re-using some of the sample code for our recent MAX presentation, we thought that building it shouldn’t be too much work – so we set out to create it as a sample.

The resulting very very simple ‘proof-of-concept’ AIR based OSMF Desktop Player is available for download here. The sources to the files are available right here.

Operating Instructions
(please note that the application is not a supported product!)

  • To load a video, double click the player’s chrome.
  • To switch between windowed mode and full-screen, press the ‘f’ key.
  • To quit the player, bring it into focus and press ALT-F4 on Windows, or CMD-Q on OS-X.
  • The player doesn’t scrub: the progress bar merely indicates the play-head’s position.

The remainder of this post goes over the sample’s code. We’ll touch on how to bind a UI to a media element using traits, and how to put a viewable media element on the stage by setting its gateway property to a RegionGateway instance.

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“Intro to OSMF” MAX Recording & Demo files

At MAX, Will Law from Akamai and myself presented an introduction to OSMF. The session got recorded, and is now available here. The sources used on the code walk-through are available here.

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OSMF v0.6 now available

With great pleasure we announce version v0.6 of the Open Source Media Framework. The release brings a number of exciting new features to the framework:

  • A Logging API, that can be used stand-alone, or be hooked up to an existing logging framework.
  • New HTML Bridging classes that make it possible for HTML to participate in compositions of media elements.
  • VAST and MAST Support enable standards based advertising using the framework’s plug-in architecture.
  • Regions enable media elements to appear in pre-defined areas of a player application.
  • Concurrent Streams Support has been added to the dynamic streaming feature.

We’ve extended our main sample app 
to reflect the newly added features, but you’ll find individual samples for most of the features in the source repository too.