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OSMF overview presentation by R Blank

R Blank did a great presentation on OSMF at FITC in Toronto this past week. Check out a recording at: AlmerBlank Labs

Jodie O’Rourke’s OSMF User Group Presentation

Don’t forget that tomorrow, Wednesday the 21st, at 12:00 noon Pacifc Coast Time, Jodie O’Rourke will be giving a great presentation on how to generate revenue from video using OSMF.  Jodie is co-manager of the OSMF UG, and a video guru at

Go join the UG tomorrow for this live session.

OSMF Users Group

Great Videos on OSMF

Something must be in the air !  There are several great videos just posted up on Adobe TV discussing OSMF.  To start, we have a series of short videos done by David Hassoun to cover the material he created for the REOPS player and his great white papers (posted here, for those of you with short memories).

Episode 1 – David does an overview of OSMF, and how he used it with MobileRider

Episode 2 – David goes over the creation of a little video player project

Episode 3 – David works with the great skins provided by Juan Sanchez


In addition to all these videos, Nick Hippe, one of Adobe’s talented solutions engineers, did a terrifc 1/2 hour long presentation at NAB this week, giving an overview of OSMF, some demos, and a links to additional information.

See Nick’s NAB presentation here

Great OSMF player example

Check out this fantastic player example for a mildly famous golf tournament !

Live Golf Coverage with OSMF

The player was created by AEG working with AllDigital using Sprint 10 of OSMF.  The video comes through AT&T CDN. A tricky bit of integration of multiple companies working together to bring a great online experience for golf fans everywhere.

Terrific OSMF Overview by Greg Hamer

Greg Hamer has written a great OSMF Introduction and Overview up on Adobe Developer Connection.  If you are not sure what OSMF is and what it is for, this is a great place to start.  Check it out at:

OSMF Introduction and Overview

David Hassoun’s Presentation at 360Flex

In case you missed David Hassoun’s terrific OSMF presentation at this week’s 360 Flex Conference in San Jose, here is a copy of the presentation:

Deep Dive OSMF.pdf


and here are the samples he discusses during the presentation (7MB file size)

David Hassoun to present on OSMF at 360Flex

If you are attending 360 Flex, make sure and stop by at 1:00pm on Monday the 8th to see David Hassoun give a terrific presentation on OSMF.

OSMF Presentation at Flex360

Two great new articles from David Hassoun of RealEyes Media

David Hassoun has created two more great papers.  The first one is a follow-up to the introduction he did on using OSMF to create the REOPS sample player. In this paper he gives step by step directions on how to create a basic video player using OSMF and the REOPS sample player. Check it out !


In his next paper, David walks through how to integrate the great OSMF sample player skins created by Juan Sanchez with an OSMF based sample player. He takes you through how to customize the skins for your specific requirements and how to begin to extend their functionality.



OSMF Sample Player and Skins Posted

David Hassoun of RealEyes Media has completed a sample player based on OSMF
Sprint 9.  He has posted the code at:

David has also written a terrific article on how to start working with this sample player code, to download the article, please click on the link below.


Juan Sanchez of ScaleNine has created a series of three skins for use with this sample player.  He has included both the SWFs and the project files for developers interested in modifying or working from the designs. These skins are available from the Google code page shown above.

Simple Stand Alone Video Player

Recently we were asked if we’d ever created an OSMF based desktop player that was capable of switching back and forth between windowed and full-screen mode. The answer was “no”, but re-using some of the sample code for our recent MAX presentation, we thought that building it shouldn’t be too much work – so we set out to create it as a sample.

The resulting very very simple ‘proof-of-concept’ AIR based OSMF Desktop Player is available for download here. The sources to the files are available right here.

Operating Instructions
(please note that the application is not a supported product!)

  • To load a video, double click the player’s chrome.
  • To switch between windowed mode and full-screen, press the ‘f’ key.
  • To quit the player, bring it into focus and press ALT-F4 on Windows, or CMD-Q on OS-X.
  • The player doesn’t scrub: the progress bar merely indicates the play-head’s position.

The remainder of this post goes over the sample’s code. We’ll touch on how to bind a UI to a media element using traits, and how to put a viewable media element on the stage by setting its gateway property to a RegionGateway instance.

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