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Simple Stand Alone Video Player

Recently we were asked if we’d ever created an OSMF based desktop player that was capable of switching back and forth between windowed and full-screen mode. The answer was “no”, but re-using some of the sample code for our recent MAX presentation, we thought that building it shouldn’t be too much work – so we set out to create it as a sample.

The resulting very very simple ‘proof-of-concept’ AIR based OSMF Desktop Player is available for download here. The sources to the files are available right here.

Operating Instructions
(please note that the application is not a supported product!)

  • To load a video, double click the player’s chrome.
  • To switch between windowed mode and full-screen, press the ‘f’ key.
  • To quit the player, bring it into focus and press ALT-F4 on Windows, or CMD-Q on OS-X.
  • The player doesn’t scrub: the progress bar merely indicates the play-head’s position.

The remainder of this post goes over the sample’s code. We’ll touch on how to bind a UI to a media element using traits, and how to put a viewable media element on the stage by setting its gateway property to a RegionGateway instance.

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