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OSMF 1.6 Sprint 3 is here!

We have just released the next sprint drop for OSMF 1.6.  We continued to address some important bugs, a list of which can be found in the release notes.

We also want to make sure everyone is aware of the following: If StageVideo mode is enabled and a video resource is being associated with a smaller container, make sure that the scale mode will not be set to ‘none’, otherwise, the video will not be clippedaccording to the containers dimensions (this is the expected behavior).

We’ve have some really exciting advanced features in development, so be sure to check back with us over the following months.  As always, feel free to ping me with any questions or feedback at ckwon at adobe dot com.


Cathi, Sr. Product Manager for OSMF



TubeMogul Plug-in for OSMF

Check out one of our newest Plug-in partners, TubeMogul.   They have just annouced a free video analytics service, which will be a great tool for detailed tracking of the usage of your OSMF based player.  As TubeMogul puts it:

 “TubeMogul InPlay’s analytics are relied on daily by thousands of top publishers and advertisers, from Discovery Networks to Red Bull. These very same analytics are now yours — free. InPlay’s self-serve suite seamlessly integrates into any OSMF player within minutes. Metrics tracked include streams, uniques, time-watched, city-level audience geography, video player embeds, what sites and search terms are referring viewers, completion rates and much more. Performance metrics include bandwidth delivered (and wasted), rebuffer rates by geography and more. All data is easily shared to clients and exported via Excel, data feeds and APIs. TubeMogul InPlay’s metrics can also be compared by any custom dimension, creating endless possibilities to increase publishers’ bottom lines.”


Another great OSMF player

Check out the live KickOff Concert for the World Cup at . Greg Hamer, one of the co-managers of the OSMF Users Group helped create the player with Vevo, AEG Live and Conviva. Learn more about it at Greg’s blog: blog  (and catch some of that World Cup fever at the concert ;>

OSMF App Studio

Our terrific partner KickApps has just launched a new hosted service for creating OSMF based video players.  It features a very intuitive drag and drop interface for creating your own custom player, and powerful integration with a variety of different plug-in partners.  Go and take a 30 day free trial at

OSMF overview presentation by R Blank

R Blank did a great presentation on OSMF at FITC in Toronto this past week. Check out a recording at: AlmerBlank Labs

Great Videos on OSMF

Something must be in the air !  There are several great videos just posted up on Adobe TV discussing OSMF.  To start, we have a series of short videos done by David Hassoun to cover the material he created for the REOPS player and his great white papers (posted here, for those of you with short memories).

Episode 1 – David does an overview of OSMF, and how he used it with MobileRider

Episode 2 – David goes over the creation of a little video player project

Episode 3 – David works with the great skins provided by Juan Sanchez


In addition to all these videos, Nick Hippe, one of Adobe’s talented solutions engineers, did a terrifc 1/2 hour long presentation at NAB this week, giving an overview of OSMF, some demos, and a links to additional information.

See Nick’s NAB presentation here