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The little things

Without a doubt people will be wowed by the highlight CS5 features such as content aware fill. There are in fact 250+ new features of Creative Suite 5. Some times it is the little things that will make a huge difference to the way you create with CS5.

I thought it would be opportune to point out a couple of personal favourites of the little things.

When I was producing documents such as Annual Reports for a living, one thing that was always difficult was to balance columns of type. The process required trial and error, changing the depth of text frames and of course the author would then change the copy, necessitating a repeat of the process. Now with InDesign CS5 this is a checkbox.


Another little surprise can be found in InDesign CS5’s Step and Repeat. You can now step and repeat an object in both rows and columns. I shudder to think how much time this would have saved me doing such things as business cards, labels etc.


To crop and straighten an image in Photoshop I used to use the crop tool lining up a horizon, rotating the crop then expanding to the edges of my intended image. Now in Photoshop CS5 one of the new JDI’s uses the ruler tool, see how here.