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Hello world wide web!

Welcome to my blog!

A quick introduction. I’ve been working with enterprise content management system from Vignette’s VRD system, Interwoven’s TeamSite, and other open source such as Joomla and Mambo. I’ve started website development around 1999 when I launched my own community of music video editors at: Ever since then I’ve enjoyed working in this field and I was lucky enough that my career path lead me to one of the top web innovators of today with Adobe Systems.

I’ve been a technical consultant with two other well-respected software company: HP-Autonomy and OpenText-Vignette and one thing that I learn is that there’s no such thing as a perfect content management system. However, (regardless on how bias this might sound) Adobe’s WEM (formerly known as Communique) is perhaps one of the neatest product that I’ve worked on in building websites. What sets it apart from other product is how robust and well-conceived it is. Heck to start, tell me another CMS that has it’s own web-based IDE? But seriously though, the reason why I think ADEP WEM’s platform is unique than all other CMS I’ve worked before is its repository — CRX. The flexibility of having everything in one location creates a very unique system.

Well, enough of this technical stuff…  I hope you guys/gals enjoy reading my blog. I’ll try to keep it easy to read, more hands-on examples and pictures (in short… NOT BORING… that’s tough for any tech topic). I’ll be posting topics mostly as it relates to Adobe’s Digital Enterprise platform, however I’ll squeeze in some tech topics unrelated to Adobe but related to some CMS or the overall tech industry.

Redundant as it may be… But again I warmly welcome you to my blog!

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