No such thing as ADEP WEM Kool-Aid…

“There’s no such thing as an ADEP WEM Kool-aid drinker… only pragmatist”.

What in the world am I talking about?

For the “culturally-challenge” individuals when someone is referred to as “Kool-Aid drinker”  it means someone who blindly believes in a certain ideology without questioning common sense. For the “acronym-challenge” individuals ADEP stands for “Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform” and WEM stands for “Web Experience Management” (Take note that WEM is one of the solution that is provided by the ADEP platform, it used to be referred as Communique but the marketing team doesn’t like the spelling or something).

Pragmatist is someone who make sense, a realist, or pretty much someone who for all purposes believes that in practice lies the true meaning. I’m a pragmatist by heart, and so far it did me well.

So why do I consider those that admire the ADEP WEM platform as pragmatist? Well there are multiple things but to get started I’ll first explain it by listing out the things that I admire about WEM.

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