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From Design to CQ-fied site

Here’s a scenario for you…

Your mission should you chose to accept is to build a CQ site in four weeks and all you have is a series of design comps”

Sounds fun eh? Well it actually happens in most projects that I’ve been in. You see in most cases clients decide to build a new site in the following order:

1. Client buys CQ/WEM.

2. Client hires design firm to design the new site.

3. Client hire us to implement the site based on the design comps.

So where/how do you start? (That’s usually the question that clients ask us on the first day of the engagement).

Before I go technical here, there’s ALWAYS one thing that should come first regardless of the project: Business first.

So understand what the project is all about, why CQ/WEM was purchased and what is its driving purpose. Project success are measured not by the elegance of the design nor the complexity of the code, but rather meeting (and exceeding!) the expectations.

Once that is clear then it’s a matter of following few simple rules in the “comps-to-components” translation. (Note, it would be easier to follow the instructions below with samples. Unfortunately most samples that I have are client sensitive data, and it’s hard to find samples online).

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