Consulting Wisdom #1: The Go-Live Mantra


Considering this is the first “Consulting Wisdom” post of the Wisdom Series, I would like to explain my goal for this category. I’ve been in Consulting for almost six years now, all in the technical field. I don’t consider myself a guru, but over the years I’ve experienced a few things that I can share for everyone to learn from. That is the goal of this series, and I hope in some sort of fashion this may be of use to your career.

At some point in a project (hopefully), you’ll get to what we usually call the “Go-Live” day (i.e. the launch date,  the drop-dead day, the D-day, etc) and with that said, I say: CONGRATS!!!

Not a lot of projects reach this point of the game. If your team is one of the few ones, consider yourself lucky. It takes a combination of a good team, a reasonable client and a realistic project for this to happen. However, this eventful day where you turn the switch “ON” doesn’t usually go as easy as it sounds.

Have you heard of Murphy’s Law? Paraphrase in multiple ways, essentially it goes like this: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. For multiple projects I’ve worked with, Go-Live day and Murphy’s Law usually goes hand-in-hand. It may not be everything going wrong but somewhere along the line there will be some sort of surprise that is unaccounted for. Regardless if you’re not the Tech Lead, Architect or some other leadership role there is one mantra that you should tell yourself:

We are going live today, We are going live today, We are going live today.

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Wisdom Series Introduction – Tech Wisdom #1: AEM 5.6 – Project Creator

Hello folks, sorry for not posting in a while. As always, I’ve been busy with life, work and everything else in between. Going forward, I’ll try to post at least once or twice a month (or else this blog will be archive automagically as I’ve discovered!)

Knowledge-Wisdom-QuoteSo in the spirit of sharing, I’m starting a new series called: “Wisdom Series“. I’m calling it “Wisdom” more so because much of the post that I’ll be sharing are all real-project experience that I’ve personally encountered throughout my clients instead of just random “knowledge info” that you can readily obtain by searching the or some other websites. Also, I like “Widsom” in general, since it was my class section name back in Grade 5! Ah… those were the days…

For starters, I’ll divide it up into two different categories:

  • Tech Wisdom – talks about different AEM specific or other technical info, tricks, etc.
  • Consulting Wisdom – talks about different consulting engagement do’s/don’ts, etc.

Anyway, hope I can continue this series going for as long as I can and hope you guys see some use from it.

For the first Tech Wisdom series I’m sharing, it’ll be in regards to the newly introduced concept of “Project” in AEM 5.6. It’s a good concept however there is still much to be desired as far as the current implementation.

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