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AGS Whitepaper – Grid System

AGS Whitepaper, is a series of whitepapers that I’ve written for Adobe Global Services (AGS). The whitepapers were all based on the experience and knowledge I’ve had throughout the various projects/clients I’ve worked with.

The first one that I’m releasing today talks about the Grid System, originally released on 2011 for ADEP 10 (pre-cursor to AEM).

Note that  the document originally refers to the 960 grid system (, since that’s what I used for one of my implementation. However, similar CSS grid system frameworks such as the one included in Bootstrap ( can be used as well.

Enjoy! More to come!



The Grid System solution can be divided in two parts: First,we define a layout foundation by dividing a CQ page into a series of section/area and columns. Second, using the open-source 960 Grid System ( it allows us to create a flexible template layout for the pages of the site.