AGS Whitepaper – DAM Implementation


In the month since I’ve released the first AGS Whitepaper – Grid System, there have been 44 readers who have downloaded the whitepaper. In all honesty, I’m quite shocked (flattered, overjoyed, embarrassed are some of my other emotions) with the amount of people that is actually reading this blog! And here I thought, I’m the only one reading my blog… 😉

With that said, starting  today, I’m going to *try*  to start updating the blog with a more consistent schedule for the sake of the readers. My plan is to update the blog within the first two weeks of the month (i.e. Day 1-15). I’ll try my best to do this despite the client commitments that I have within those two weeks. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for reading the blog and feel free to post comments/suggestions.

For this month’s update, I’m releasing an updated version of the AGS Whitepaper – DAM (Digital Asset Managemen Implementation. This whitepaper is intended to assist consultants in their projects specifically for clients that are looking to use the DAM feature of AEM. I’ll introduce the concept of “4 S’es of DAM” (i.e. pronounced as “Forces of DAM” they are: Store, Search, Share & Simplicity). That’s it hope you guys enjoy!


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