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AGS Whitepaper – Dynamic Tag Management with AEM

Hello folks! Apologize for the late agsWhitepaperDTMupdate. Been busy with a new project in Houston lately and a few initiatives internally.

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! Loving the spring weather in Chicago… finally no need to wear those bulky jackets.

Well, for this month’s update I’m  posting one of my latest AGS White Paper that I’ve recently released internally last quarter. This month’s AGS White Paper talks about one of the latest addition to Marketing Cloud – Dynamic Tag Management (DTM). Dynamic Tag Management is a free tool that we provide for Marketing Cloud enterprise-licensed customers that allow marketers to manage, consolidate, publish tags to different analytics system.

For those that are not quite familiar, tags are used to track user actions within a given page. Technically speaking, it is usually done through a series of Javascript code that hooks to certain HTML elements within the page, triggered either through a simple page load or other page events. What Dynamic Tag Management does is it provides a means for both marketers and technical folks to have a centralize location to manage and deploy tags. It does this by first having a simple JavaScript declaration within the head of the page. After that, every other tag manipulation can be done through DTM’s interface which can then be integrated to Marketing Cloud Systems (Adobe Analytics – SiteCatalyst, AdLens, Audience Manager, Adobe Target) and 3rd-party system such as Google Analytics.

In summary, the key benefits are as follows:

  1. Provide a centralize location to manage and deploy tags
  2. Allows marketers to manage tags with little assistance from IT
  3. Streamline the process of creating, adding, removing tags throughout the site. No need to modify it per page or template.

Now technically speaking Dynamic Tag Management can be used in other CMS system besides AEM (Adobe Experience Manager). There’s no dependency or even tight integration between the two systems (as of AEM 5.6.1 and 6.0). However, despite this clear separation of the two systems there are certain features in AEM that we can leverage that would allow a more robust and rich experience in integrating with DTM (Hint: It’s perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects in AEM).

In this white paper I’ll be covering the key topics:

  1. Basic integration of DTM with AEM
  2. Best practices with DTM and AEM integration
  3. Sample code in the integration

Finally, although what I’m presenting in this white paper explicitly calls out AEM and DTM. The solution pattern I’ve done here can be leverage with other CMS and tag management systems as well.

Well, that’s about it  hope you enjoy! As always, thanks for the support!

DOWNLOAD NOW (2.0 MB) – AGS Whitepaper – Dynamic Tag Management with AEM 
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