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Presentation Patterns – Autonomous View

So as I mentioned in the introduction, the first pattern I’m going to look at is known as ‘Autonomous View’. Of all the patterns I’ll cover, this one is likely to be the most familiar to Flex developers. Although Martin Fowler coined the name, the idea behind the Autonomous View pattern has been around for quite some time. For the Flex framework, the Autonomous View represents the de facto architectural pattern. If you’re building your first Flex application, you’ll probably be following the Autonomous View pattern without even knowing it.

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Presentation Patterns – Introduction

A recurring theme on forums like flexcoders is the issue of user interface architecture within Flex applications. Rich-client applications developed using frameworks like Flex are something of a departure from ‘traditional’ web applications, so the architectures employed for such applications will inevitably differ. But not so long ago we were comparing the new concept of web-application development with that of ‘traditional’ rich-client applications and arriving at very similar conclusions. We have come full circle, from rich-clients to web-clients and back again. So what lessons can we learn from the 20 or so years of rich-client development preceding Web 1.0? And are there web-application patterns that translate across to the rich-client world?

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