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Presentation Patterns – Passive View

Like the Supervising Presenter, the Passive View pattern is a derivative of Model View Presenter (MVP). Martin Fowler split MVP into separate patterns to highlight two common approaches for realising MVP.

The Passive View pattern also has some similarities with Code Behind since both achieve a complete separation of ActionScript and MXML.

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Presentation Patterns – Code Behind

Code Behind is a somewhat vague term that means different things to different people. I believe it was originally coined by Microsoft to describe any strategy for separating logic from content in ASP pages. Using this broad definition it could be argued that the Supervising Presenter, Presentation Model and even the View Helper are all examples of the technique. So this interpretation of code-behind lacks the sort of precision we require to discuss it as a pattern.

However, one of the most common methods for achieving code-behind in ASP and .NET uses inheritance: Presentation logic is extracted out of the view class, and into the view’s superclass. The technique has been brought over to the Flex world and is arguably one of the most talked-about and advocated presentation patterns. It is this "code-behind pattern" that I am going to look at today.

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Presentation Patterns – View Helper

While looking at the Supervising Presenter and Presentation Model patterns it occurred to me that some people may find these concepts reminiscent of the View Helper pattern that enjoyed a spell of popularity in some Cairngorm architectures. Since the View Helper is now regarded as ‘not recommended’, I want to take a closer look at the pattern and try to understand why it may have fallen from favour.

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