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After a “brief” absense from my blog, we’re back with a brief update…

Today we posted new items of interest (video, Quick Start tutorial, and article) on the Flash Developer Center:

Video interview: Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3
Flex SDK engineer Glenn Ruehle explains how the Flex Component Kit improves the workflow between Flex and Flash developers and designers.
(Note: There is also an excellent video by Steve Heintz, Sr. Product Manager for Adobe Flex Builder on the adjoining tab.)

Using the Button component in Flash CS3 Professional
Peter deHaan writes about some of the common ways to use the Button component in your Flash projects, including setting labels, resizing and positioning buttons, embedding fonts, and creating toggles.

Setting up a Flash project for local and network playback
Dan Carr shows you how to create Flash content for local and web delivery by understanding the various playback features and deployment options.

I also wanted to highlight an excellent article that I overlooked the other week:

Formatting text for localized Flash projects using CSS, HTML, and ActionScript by Dan Carr
Learn how to create Flash applications that display multiple languages using ActionScript and text formatting techniques.

I know this topic comes up quite a bit in forums, mailing lists, LiveDocs, etc. so it’s nice to have a bit of additional coverage. Thanks Dan!

Anyways, expect a few more posts around this dusty blog in the future. I missed you guys.

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  1. Neb says:

    I was wondering if you could explain more about how to use datagrid component. I’ve looked at your quickstart articles and they don’t explain how to change the color of a datagrid cell, row or column. Thanks for your tutorials so far!