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ColdFusion 8 released into the wild

In case you haven’t seen the news all over MXNA and the community, Adobe has ofiicially released ColdFusion 8 (codenamed “Scorpio”).

For more information, check out the following resources:
Adobe ColdFusion product page,
Adobe ColdFusion 8 Developer Center,
Ben Forta’s blog, (lots of great links and information here, as always)

I’ve been a ColdFusion developer since way back in the ColdFusion 3.1 days (back when it was Cold Fusion (with a space), a jazzy thunderbolt icon, and Allaire logo) and I have to say this is one of the releases I am most excited about. There are a lot of great new additions and tweaks that went in to this release.

Big congrats to the entire ColdFusion team!

Creating “reflection effects” with Flash and Flex

I forgot to post this last week, but Ben Pritchard of wrote a great article on the Flash Developer Center on “Creating movie clips with reflections in ActionScript 3.0“. Definitely worth a read if you want to add a nice reflection effect to your Flash projects.

Being the curious person I am, i also did a quick search on doing the same thing in Flex and came up with the following: Live “reflection” component on NJ’s awesome much ado about something blog.

Thirteen Simple Rules for Speeding Up Your Web Site

Somebody forwarded this to me today and I thought it was pretty cool.

Yahoo has a nice article on its performance section of the Yahoo! Developer Network site ( where they list 13 rules for speeding up your web site’s performance. Each of the rules is extremely well written and I have to admit, I learnt quite a bit.

For more information, go check out the 13 rules and the supporting article:
1. Make Fewer HTTP Requests
2. Use a Content Delivery Network
3. Add an Expires Header
4. Gzip Components
5. Put CSS at the Top
6. Move Scripts to the Bottom
7. Avoid CSS Expressions
8. Make JavaScript and CSS External
9. Reduce DNS Lookups
10. Minify JavaScript
11. Avoid Redirects
12. Remove Duplicate Scripts
13. Configure ETags

Also, if you’re a Firefox/Firebug user, take note that Yahoo has an excellent plug-in which analyzes your site’s performance and gives you a handy little report card: Go check it out at the YSlow site at

Flex 2.0.1 Hotfix 3 released

OK, it looks like this may have been released a few days ago (July 19th, to be exact), but I just noticed it in my Google Reader.

Flex 2.0.1 Hotfix 3 is a collection of bug fixes that have been completed since the Flex 2.0.1 Hot Fix 2 was released on April 30, 2007…

This SDK hotfix 3 works only with licensed copies of Flex Builder 2.0.1. It does not support Flex Builder 2.0. You must have installed Flex 2.0.1 Hotfix 2 prior to installing Hotfix 3. Installation instructions for Hotfix 2 can be found in “Flex 2.0.1 Hotfix 2” (TechNote kb402000).

To see a list of bugs fixed in Flex 2.0.1 Hotfix 3, as well as installation instructions, go check out the technote (kb402381).