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This Weekend in (8/26)

I had a bit of time over the weekend so I thought I’d work on a few more examples for

Nothing really advanced, but a couple neat tricks in there (hopefully). Enjoy,


This Week In (8/24)

A bit of a “short” list this week as I posted last Sunday instead of Friday. I posted the following examples over on my other blog,, the past week. Next week I hope to have a few examples on using the excellent Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3, which allows you to create assets in Flash CS3, export them as a SWC file, and use those assets in Flex. For more information, check out the entry “Using the Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3 to Create Flex Containers” on the Flex documentation team’s blog.

Flex Framework Deep Dive session slides posted

And on the topic of Flex, I got an email to inbox this morning telling me that the Flex Team Blog has been updated and you can go check out Deepa’s PowerPoint slides on Flex Framework “Nitty Gritty” from 360Flex in Seattle.

Sys-Con launches Flex Developer’s Journal

In case you didn’t hear the news, it appears that Sys-Con Media has launched a Flex Developers Journal almost a week ago (it launched Aug. 16, 2007, or so they say).

In case you haven’t seen it yet, swing by and take a look.

This Week In (8/19)

I added a few more examples to my other blog,, over the last week or so, so if you are learning Flex, or just curious, head on over and check a couple entries out:

This Week In (8/10)

In case you missed it on MXNA, here’s a list of all the posts (more or less) on in the past week:

So far I’ve been pretty good at making at least 1-2 posts a day, so here’s hoping I can keep the pace up. Lucky for me Flex has a pretty awesome API and there is definitely a lot of great things to explore and play with.

Happy Flexing!

New Flex blog –

In my ongoing attempts to neglect this blog, I’ve come up with a new blog at

The examples are all in various states of disrepair, but I’m trying to add SWFs and full source code for each sample. If anybody has any recommendation for a code formatting/coloring plugin that works with WordPress and my Redoable theme, let me know.

Also, feel free to leave comments in the Flex Examples blog if you have alternate ideas/workarounds or better ways of implementing something. My way may not always be the “best” or “recommended”, it was usually just the first approach I thought of.