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Catch Colin Moock’s free ActionScript 3.0 training course

I just got a note from my local Flex User Group (yay silvafug!), saying that Colin Moock is giving several free full-day training courses on ActionScript 3.0. For more information, see It looks like there are already dates for San Francisco (Oct. 27), Los Angeles (Nov. 5), and New York (Nov. 12), and other cities (without dates) are Chicago, Tokyo, Amsterdam, London, Munich, Bangalore, and Sydney.

If you’re close to any of those cities, I recommend registering and checking it out. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Colin speak on several occasions and he is outstanding. Plus, if you haven’t checked out his latest book, “Essential ActionScript 3.0”, I highly recommend it. I’ve been reading through it at home and it is full of great information, tips, and tricks. For more information on this great (and “ILLUSTRATED” — according to book, check it out at

This Week.5 in (9/12)

I was away for the Labor day long weekend and it looks like I forgot to post. Either that or I was too lazy.
At any rate, here’s what you may have missed over on since my last update:

Whew! Its been a busy 2 weeks. Enjoy.