This Week.5 in (9/12)

I was away for the Labor day long weekend and it looks like I forgot to post. Either that or I was too lazy.
At any rate, here’s what you may have missed over on since my last update:

Whew! Its been a busy 2 weeks. Enjoy.


3 Responses to This Week.5 in (9/12)

  1. Peter says:

    Wow, has been a lot busier than I expected! Since my first post (“Downloading the latest Adobe Labs version of Flex 3 SDK/Flex Builder 3 (codename: Moxie)” — July 17, 2007), I’ve managed to write around 160 posts, so sayeth the WordPress admin dashboard.The race to entry 500 is on!

  2. Todd says:

    I am a big fan of your work. is quite possibly the best flex example/tutorial/source code site out there. It has shaved days off of my work. One topic I have failed to read about & is rarely referenced anywhere, is that of the Menu component. I’ve figured out a lot of its quirks like how to convert a menu’s global position to local, but things like the fact that it opens from top-left to bottom-right rather than from top to bottom & how to change that is something that I’m struggling with. Could you help me with this or throw up a quick example of it on the site? Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. Axel says:

    Hey Peter,I’m Axel, I’m loving the site, I too with (almost) every blog post put an example out there, I would like to contribute to the blog with my examples…here is my most recent oneCustomizingAPopUpEffectand here is a popular one…Flex xml photo galleryand soon to be posted on is the awesome xml (loosely based xspf) mp3 playerMP3 Playerthat last one was a great combination of Maikel Sibbald ( and myself… I did most of it, but his original post on the simple mp3 player got me started…Let me know what i can do to contribute to the blog… and can with every post, i’d like to link back to my actual blog just for credit’s sake…what do you think?i’ve also read some of your books… it’s good stuff…I’m obsessed with the love of programming, and have worked super hard to get here… it’s a never ending battle to keep on top of new stuff… and everyday brings a new challenge, i sure hope we can work together on the examples…