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Flex Camp Toronto, Flex Cookbook, Free Flex Builder

I was quickly skimming some old “Flex” topics in my Google Reader this morning and thought I’d share some posts which you may or may not have missed in the past week or eleven…

Of course, that only scratches the surface. A few weeks ago Adobe also released a completely overhauled version of the Adobe Developer Center (now renamed the Adobe Developer Connection). Stop reading this and check it out right now!

Also, if you’re playing with the Flex 3 SDK or Flex Builder 3 beta, or are a Flex 2 user, you should definitely subscribe to the Flex Doc Team’s blog at You can check out the latest versions of Flex 3 chapters, unpublished chapters, ZIP files, and all sorts of other gems. Subscribe to their RSS/Atom feeds and get notified whenever the post new docs/news.

Lastly (and definitely not leastly), Flex software engineer and superhero Deepa Subramaniam started her very own Flex blog last month, In her blog she discusses the cornerstone of every Flex application, the SystemManager (SystemManager: Every Flex application’s best friend), as well as her plans to overtake the Flex book market with her new book “Flex 3 for Dummies” (tentative release date of “late spring/early summer” of 2008), with coauthor Doug McCune. More info can be found on Doug’s site at Writing Flex for Dummies!.

Happy Flexing!

This Week in (October Edition)

A collection of my posts over at for the month of October.

According to my WordPress blog stats, that makes 240 posts and 453 comments, contained within 85 categories (and a grand total of 4,957 spam comments caught by Akismet).

A big thanks to all the readers and commenters out there for helping me keep the site going!

This Week in (September Edition)

OK, so it seems like I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to posting updates here from So here is a brief glimpse of what you may (or may not) have missed in the second half of September:

With any luck I’ll be posting a similar entry shortly on all the entries so far in October. Whew!

Contributors wanted for the O’Reilly Flex 3 Cookbook!

It’s been a while since I posted here, but I thought this was definitely worth it. As a subscriber to the Adobe Flex team blog, I just got an email notification that they’re looking for topics for the Flex 3 Cookbook from O’Reilly Media.

What does this mean to you? Well, if you want to be published by one of (if not the) best technical publishers out there, this is your chance! All you have to do is head over to the Adobe Flex Cookbook online (, post an entry (do a quick search first to make sure it hasn’t already been covered), select “Yes…” in the “Interested in future publication of your post?” section and that’s it.
The main authors of the O’Reilly Flex 3 Cookbook (Josh Noble, Todd Anderson, and Abey George) will go through each submission and consider your post for the printed version of the Flex Cookbook. If chosen, you can get your name, URL, and a brief bio printed in the book.

You can head over to the Flex Team blog site for more details, and topic ideas.

Recently I’ve started posting some of my examples from into the Adobe Flex Cookbook site, and so far I think it is absolutely fantastic! I’ve learnt some really great tricks and tips from other users and look forward to seeing what other people contribute. In fact, this weekend I should go through and migrate more of my blog entries over to the Flex Cookbook and see if i can get them published into the O’Reilly book!

Good luck, and happy Flexing!


Rough notes from the Adobe MAX 2007 North America Sneak Peeks

Here’s my rough draft notes from the Sneek Peeks session (still in progress)…. I think they have 4 more demos coming up… Look for a few infrequent updates after the jump….

Adobe would like to remind you that…
“Adobe is under no oblication to release any of the technology shown here today and in any current or future product or service.”

I would like to remind you that….
“I’m bad at taking notes and details/names may be wrong.”

Read at your own risk. So far the winners are the bone model in Flash and Adobe Photoshop Express.

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Adobe MAX 2007 Keynote (Day 2 Edition)

OK, so here are my very very very crude notes for the day two keynote session…. Forgive the copious amounts of typos and vague information. Its can be a bit tricky typing for 2 straight hours. ;)

Enjoy, I’ll try and update with new information/clarifications or at the very least fix my horrible spellings as time permits.

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Blogging from Adobe MAX 2007 – North America

T-minus 21 minutes until the Keynoote is going to kick off. Look here later for semi-frequent updates throughout the week. Yesterday I went (TAed) at the excellent day-long session on “Flex 3: Integrating with ColdFusion” by Matt Bowles (look for his slides later on the new Adobe Developer Connection (formerly Adobe Developer Center)).

Later throughout the week I’ll be TAing at several other Flex 90-minute hands-on sessions on “Building a Rich Internet Application with Flex 3 and PHP” and “Deploying Flex and HTML/JavaScript Applications to Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)”. I, like many other of the Flex team members, will be wearing nice black “Flex Team” shirts, and will be armed with USB thumb drives loaded with the latest betas of Adobe Flex Builder 3, the Flex 3 SDK, and Adobe AIR. Pull one of us over if you want to grab a copy of the latest beta without having to download the files from Adobe Labs.

14 minutes to go, and it looks like the doors are opening to the Keynote! Look forward to a lot of fun and exciting news over the next 48-72 hours!

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It must be MAX!!! New Flex/AIR content on Labs

I woke up this morning, and what did I see? Adobe Labs got updated with a whole bunch of new apps. You can find new versions of:

  • Flex 3/Flex Builder 3 (beta 2) (more info on the Flex Team blog, “Flex Team: Beta 2 Baby!”)
  • Adobe AIR (beta 2)
  • Adobe Media Player (prerelease)
  • Adobe AIR Extension for Adobe Dreamweaver (beta 2)
  • Flash Player 9 Update
  • Spry framework for Ajax (prerelease 1.6)
  • Adobe AIR Update for Adobe Flash Professional (beta 2)
  • Share (beta)

Pretty impressive list! Expect lots of new announcements and information over the next few days due to Adobe MAX 2007 in sunny/warm Chicago. You can find more information on the Adobe MAX 2007 North America conference at

Also, I just noticed that we relaunched the Adobe Developer Center as the “Adobe Developer Connection” and gave it a stunning new makeover. Check that out at