Flex Camp Toronto, Flex Cookbook, Free Flex Builder

I was quickly skimming some old “Flex” topics in my Google Reader this morning and thought I’d share some posts which you may or may not have missed in the past week or eleven…

Of course, that only scratches the surface. A few weeks ago Adobe also released a completely overhauled version of the Adobe Developer Center (now renamed the Adobe Developer Connection). Stop reading this and check it out right now!

Also, if you’re playing with the Flex 3 SDK or Flex Builder 3 beta, or are a Flex 2 user, you should definitely subscribe to the Flex Doc Team’s blog at http://blogs.adobe.com/flexdoc/. You can check out the latest versions of Flex 3 chapters, unpublished chapters, ZIP files, and all sorts of other gems. Subscribe to their RSS/Atom feeds and get notified whenever the post new docs/news.

Lastly (and definitely not leastly), Flex software engineer and superhero Deepa Subramaniam started her very own Flex blog last month, http://iamdeepa.com/blog/. In her blog she discusses the cornerstone of every Flex application, the SystemManager (SystemManager: Every Flex application’s best friend), as well as her plans to overtake the Flex book market with her new book “Flex 3 for Dummies” (tentative release date of “late spring/early summer” of 2008), with coauthor Doug McCune. More info can be found on Doug’s site at Writing Flex for Dummies!.

Happy Flexing!

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