It must be MAX!!! New Flex/AIR content on Labs

I woke up this morning, and what did I see? Adobe Labs got updated with a whole bunch of new apps. You can find new versions of:

  • Flex 3/Flex Builder 3 (beta 2) (more info on the Flex Team blog, “Flex Team: Beta 2 Baby!”)
  • Adobe AIR (beta 2)
  • Adobe Media Player (prerelease)
  • Adobe AIR Extension for Adobe Dreamweaver (beta 2)
  • Flash Player 9 Update
  • Spry framework for Ajax (prerelease 1.6)
  • Adobe AIR Update for Adobe Flash Professional (beta 2)
  • Share (beta)

Pretty impressive list! Expect lots of new announcements and information over the next few days due to Adobe MAX 2007 in sunny/warm Chicago. You can find more information on the Adobe MAX 2007 North America conference at

Also, I just noticed that we relaunched the Adobe Developer Center as the “Adobe Developer Connection” and gave it a stunning new makeover. Check that out at

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