Rough notes from the Adobe MAX 2007 North America Sneak Peeks

Here’s my rough draft notes from the Sneek Peeks session (still in progress)…. I think they have 4 more demos coming up… Look for a few infrequent updates after the jump….

Adobe would like to remind you that…
“Adobe is under no oblication to release any of the technology shown here today and in any current or future product or service.”

I would like to remind you that….
“I’m bad at taking notes and details/names may be wrong.”

Read at your own risk. So far the winners are the bone model in Flash and Adobe Photoshop Express.

5:30 — house band playing as the conference room starts filling up and there is a MAX video in the background.5:42 — band stops playing and they start playing a really LOUD intro video as my chair shakes.5:43 — Michael Gough takes the stage. Place is probably 3/4 full.5:43 — MAX Awards first, Ignite Awards up next. over 600 entries this years from various different backgrounds, 30 countries (including Canada, Hong Kong, Germany and Singapore).MAX Award winners* Advertising and BrandingInterone Wordwide GmbH* Communication and* EnterpriseWachovia Corp and Cardinal Solutions Group Inc.* Mobility and DevicesShockwave & Addicting Games Games, an MTV/Networks Company* Public SectorNASA* Rich Internet ApplicationseBay and EffectiveUI* VideoBig Spaceship (with BBDO)*People’s ChoiceeBay desktop by eBay and EffectiveUIIgnote awards. Brady Forrest (?) from OReilly Radar.Brady introduces Robert Hoekman, Jr. discussing “Everthing is Important: The effects of a tiny change to” where Robert discusses the changes to the front page of and how tweaking the UI caused a 25% increase in signups.Next, Brady introduces Greg Sadetsky from Poly9 on Mapping with AIR”.where he dicusses mapping using ArcWeb Services, FreeEarth, Flickrvision.Blues Brothers Clip. A few new band members sneak on stage…. It is Sneak Peeks!!! (EEE)And in full Blues Brothers attire, its Mike Downey and Marc Eaman.”Adobe is under no oblication to release any of the technology shown here today and in any current or future product or service.”You can vote for your best sneak via SMS Votiing… Vote for your favorite and you could win an iPod Touch!2 Karls (Karl Miller and Karl Soule) are going to show us some upcoming visual communicator stuff, “Communicationg Visually with Visual Communicator”. Discussing creating videos without any timelines. The center part of the screen is the teleprompter which scrolls as you record (which keeps your eyes near the top of the screen – smart!). Plus, you can embed videos and images.Visual communicator can now stream live, switching up to 3 cameras and supports blue scren or green screen. Visual Communicator is available in your MAX bags, so you can play with the sneak peek app at home.Immediately after sneaks behind on-air bus, we have a party.Next presenters Danielle Deibler who clarified that the Pacifica app from the keynote this morning is a VoIP technology. Users can brand the complete app themselves, there arent any Adobe logos and you maintain your own customers (they dont have to be affiliated with Adobe at all). she shows a neat app where she makes a VoIP call to Christophe who is backstage. She also shows an Adobe Directory app where you can look up employees at Adobe and make calls. She calls Renaun Erickson from her computer on the stage to it rings on his cellphone in the audience.Next up, Ken Sundermeyer. Who mentions “Flash Home for Mobile” where you can set the home screen for a cell phone. He powers up the cellphone and it ipens up directly into Flash, and it has a virtual like desktop with a launcher with icons and has tabs, shows the weather, , click, with nice animated backgrounds… Plus, you can download RSS/Atom feeds from the web. The weather is being dynamically retreived as it knows your zip code. Plus, you can read RSS feeds on your phone and it seems to have some online-offline component.Flash Home lets you access things you use every day like photos, SMS, call logs, etc. Some examples, make a sports home screen with scores, etc. Ken shows some source code on a printed paper. He demos having custom wallpaper based on the area code of the caller. Joshua (volunteer from audience) dials his cell phone and his background changes to the statue of liberty.Next up, Geoff Baum, who demos Adobe Photoshop Express. wihch looks remarkably like Lightroom, where he manipulates some photos where he can choose from a series of effects which get applied in real time using Flash Player. Next he shows how he rotate, crop, reduce red-eye. He also shows how you can do photo touch up by removing a scar on a person’s cheeck. He shows how its all non-destructive editing as he can go backwards and forwards in the edit history and quickly revert back to the original value. next, he shows how he can edit just the background colors, or just the color and leave the background. Plus you can upload files, download edited files, embed images in your site. Create slide shows. Lots of applause.Next up, Danielle Beaumont on “Flex and AIR authoring in Fireworks “Next””.She drag components from a panel onto the canvas and resizes the canvas by dragging a grabber. Next, she shows how you can customize simple properties by editing the Symbol Properties. Next, she drags a horizontal slider onto the Canvas and deletes the slider background and layers it behind the slider. Next, she copies the slider head from an other file and pastes it into the original canvas. Next she shows the File > Preview and previews in MXML to create a prototype with functioning combo boxes, sliders, etc. Pretty impressive for 2 minutes of work! Next she shows a nice PNG with a few layers and previews as an AIR application which retains all transparency and functioning AIR app. Should be in beta in upcoming months. Stay tuned.Back on stage is Mike Chambers introducing online-offline applications with ColdFusion, “Creating Online/Offline App with AIR & Hermant Khandelwal.Built using CFLayout, ColdFusion and AJAX. Seems to be a new CFAIRACCESS tag. and sets the offline mode to false in the CFGRID tag(?). there is a new cfair packager, which he runs from the command line and makes an AIR package. He shows an online/offline mode which automatically syncs the mail client as soon as the user goes online. When user is offline, the email is put in the unsent items folder and is not sent to the server. As soon as he goes back online, the email is sent from the outbox and sent.”Web 2 Print” with Roey Horns and Will Eisley. Showing how can convert from WWeb to Print using Flex and InDesign. They’re showing InDesign and layers, fonts and stuff and creating templates in Adobe Indesign CS3 Server. They’re editing template options in a little wizard. On the left hand side is a Flex Interface, and on the right hand side i sa preview from InDesign CS Server. They add a daily special with full font support and the menu on the left updates in real time. Next they upload a new photo and they swap out the transparent wine from red to white and the color theme changes.And with the click of a button a PDF is generated giving you the ability to print.Next up is Mike Downey introducing a future version of Flash by Jethro Villegas and Tony D. Apparently Major architecture going in to the next version in Flash. Apparently the new rendering core will use Flash Player 10. JV drags a video player onto the stage and shows how you can view and interact with the FLV at author time (no longer need to publish out to see content). NICE!!. Tony D demos “create motion tween from context menu. Shows a really nice animation and bezier paths and creates complex animations, all without having to touch the timeline or keyframes. He draws a picture of an arm and adds a nice skeleton effect with kinematics… VERY nice… it works at authoring time and run time (all in less than 20 lines of code)… Well played, Flash… Well played… Look for it (hopefully) in CS4.7:22 — 4 more demos left… We have Michael Folkers on the Stage discussing PDFs. He shows how you can add files to the PDF (Script of the Blues Brother movie). Apparently it uses the Flash Player runtime, allowing for videos video playback and images bundled along with the PDF. Built on Flex. The PDF package is fully skinned with background audio and animation. Next he shows a Form which bridges ActionScript with PDF and an noverlayed Yahoo! map embedded in the PDF (calls webservices, i think). Switches between satellite and regular map. Shows a really cool dynamic document which pulls John Belushi content from Amazon via web services. Plus, he shows real-time collaboration from directly within Acrobat. There is a chat panel and you can syncronize views between the users. So if user A zooms over in the corner, and the views can be synced on the other computer. Almost looks like a small version of Acrobat Connect right in Acrobat.7:28 — Mike Introduces Steven Heintz and Ramanarayanan Krishnaiyer on “Flex Applications on Linux” (WOW!!!) Apparently they are rolling out tools to create Flex apps from VI. Woot!Flex Builder for Linux built on the Flex Builder 3 feature set. Have outline view, Control click to drill down through source code, break points. color formatting, code completion. Debug mode. When will we see Flex Builder on Linux? <suspense />… Very early version… Aparently available NOW (about an hour ago) on Adobe Labs! Very nice! Linuxers, go check it out and file bugs! Apparently we have some Linux+Flex stickers.Flash on C/C++ by Scott Petersen — talking about taking content from Flash > C/C++ > Flash. General workflow is: C/C++ > Compiler > AS3 > SWC > Flash/AIR. Shows a nice Flash Player app which takes a bunch of XML data, an XSLT transform and creates HTML output.Next he shows how you can do Syncronous C/Ascnycronous ActionScript, and threads in AS3/Flash. Shows a really nice fractal rendering model Shows off Doom in Flash (LOTS of applause).Lots of C/C++ code:7:42 — Mike Downey back on stage introducing Shai Avidan on “Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Resizing” (one of our newest employees and one of the people behind iSeam Image Application). Shows how you can stretch and extend photos with excellent photo quality. He takes a photo of a guy on a bicycle and then stretches/shrinks the image to show the distortion. Next he calculates seams and reruns the demo and the image stretches flawlessly. lots of applause.Shows how it works on a painting by removing a boat from an image (looks nearly flawless). Next he shows a really complex image of converse shoes and erases individual shoes. Some of the biggest applause of the evening.7:52 — its a wrap. ONly thing left is SMS voting on the best sneak of the night… Of the 12 sneaks, Shai *DESTROYS* with 41% of the votes…7:54 — </sneaks>

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    I’m pretty sure the name of the band that played the Sneak Peeks was “The Bluz Brothers”, but I am not sure who the band that played the party/event after that was.I can ask around internally and see if anybody knows.Peter

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