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This Week in (12/23)

In what will probably be my last blog post of 2007, here is this week’s posts for It feels like somewhat of a short list this week for some reason, but I’ll try and post a few more examples later today. Taking a look at the list, it seems semi heavily weighted to the DateField control and a couple posts on styling the ComboBox control. Enjoy:

Also, note that most of us at the office will be on holidays until Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008. Happy Holidays, and see you all in 2008!

This Week in (12/16)

Time for another update! Not sure why, but this week was fairly heavily weighted towards working with the DateField control. Head on over and check some of them out:

Bunch o BlazeDS coverage and links

I meant to post this list earlier, but haven’t had much time in the past few days.
At any rate, if you have a few extra hours this weekend, here’s a short list of BlazeDS coverage you may have missed between Thursday and today (in no particular order):

  1. Adobe open-sourcing data access technology – InfoWorld
  2. Adobe to release developer tools to open source – Computerworld
  3. Adobe to Open Source Messaging Protocols –
  4. BlazeDS: A Breaking News for the Adobe Flex Community! – SYS-CON
  5. Adobe to open-source Flex back-end connector – CNET Blogs
  6. Adobe open sources Rich Internet Application messaging technology – CNET Blogs
  7. Adobe responds to Appcelerator with open source BlazeDS – CNET Blogs
  8. Adobe takes data access technology open source; Will the enterprise bite? – ZDNet Blogs
  9. Adobe Blazes Into Open Source With Data Services – SD Times
  10. Adobe to Open Source LiveCycle Data Services as BlazeDS – Read/WriteWeb
  11. Adobe Releases BlazeDS, Open Source Version of LiveCycle Data Services – TechCrunch
  12. Adobe Open Sources Remoting and Messaging Technologies Along With AMF Protocol Specification –
  13. Flash “Ajax” Update: Flex LiveCycle Data Services Goes Open-Source – Ajaxian
  14. Adobe opens up its remoting and messaging apps –
  15. Adobe Marks 25th Year with New Moves – eWEEK
  16. Adobe Releases Open-Source BlazeDS, Updates Flex and AIR – Artima Developer
  17. Adobe To Open Source Data-Connection Technology For Rich Internet Apps – Intelligent Enterprise
  18. Adobe offers source code for messaging technology – CRN
  19. Adobe Announces Open Source Technologies for Enterprise RIAs – TMCnet

For those of you who may have missed the BlazeDS announcements, here are a few other interesting links which may help you get up to speed:

Have any other useful links or [p]reviews? Add them in the comments!

Flex 3 beta 3 and AIR beta 3 now available on Adobe Labs site

I’m pleased to report that you can now get Adobe Flex Builder 3 beta 3 and Adobe AIR beta 3 from the Adobe Labs site starting now. Other notable additions to the Adobe Labs site are the new “BlazeDS” beta, and an Adobe AIR Extension for Dreamweaver:

So, the first question is “What is BlazeDS?” According to the Adobe Labs page:

BlazeDS is the server-based Java remoting and web messaging technology that enables developers to easily connect to back-end distributed data and push data in real-time to Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR applications for more responsive rich Internet application (RIA) experiences.

Read more…

UPDATE: Also, check out the official Flex Team blog for more details, on the opening of the AMF specification, and the open source Blaze DS: Flex Beta 3 Released – And More Good News.

This Three-plus Weeks in (12/09)

Seems like I’ve neglected to do this the past few weeks, so here’s an uber-update on all the entries from my “other blog”, Quickly looking at the list, it seems we have several on charting, the ImageSnapshot class, the Tree control, the RichTextEditor control, as well as a few others.

Head on over and check some of them out:

That is a grand total of 64 new entries since November 12th. According to my WordPress dashboard, this brings us up to 340 posts (and 643 comments), in a little less than 6 months. According to Google Reader, that’s roughly 13.3 posts per week. Rock on! A big thanks to all my readers, subscribers, commenters (especially those to help me answer comments/questions), banner clickers, Adobe (for making such a great product), and the rest of the Flex Community.

BRIO beta now on Adobe Labs

I’ve just been informed that a public beta of Adobe Acrobat Connect (formerly “Breeze”), codenamed “Brio”, has been added to the Adobe Labs site,

Here’s a quote:

What is Brio?
Brio is a personal web meeting service that enables you to instantly communicate and collaborate using your own online meeting room. To start a meeting, just go to your meeting room and invite others to join you at the same URL. As the host, you will need to download a small Brio add-in in order to share your screen. Meeting attendees will not need to download any software unless they will also be sharing their screen. There is no need to schedule meetings in advance.

How is Brio different from Adobe Acrobat Connect?
Brio is the next generation of Adobe Acrobat Connect. Additional features in Brio that are not in Adobe Acrobat Connect include:
* Richer expression in the Chat Pod with sizes, colors, and emoticons.
* Text layout controls in the Note Pod including bullets, size, and color.
* Save as .doc file option for meeting Chat and Notes.
* Upload files to distribute to your meeting participants.
* Voice over IP option as an alternative to teleconferencing.
* Right click menus.
* Access to key meeting features while screen sharing with new palette.
* Whiteboard Pod with option to save your work as a .png file.
* Annotate over screen sharing using whiteboarding tools with option to save as your work as a .png file.
* Personalized display images in the meeting attendee list.
* Additional options (accept all and automatic room entry) for accepting attendees to a meeting.
* New Role names (host, participant and audience) for attendees and more capabilities for participants making it easy to collaborate during meetings. Participants can now share their screen, enter notes, whiteboard automatically without being promoted to a presenter.

Brio beta allows you to:
* Host unlimited online meetings with up to 3 meeting participants.
* Interact with easy-to-use screen sharing, chat and whiteboards.
* Access your meeting instantly with a personalized, easy-to-remember URL.
* Distribute documents and files to meeting participants.
* Use integrated VoIP, teleconferencing and multi-point video.

Head on over to the Brio homepage on Adobe Labs and check it out.

Also, if you haven’t noticed yet, has just received a really slick redesign. Kudos to the web team!

Adobe Flash Player 9 Update 3 (aka: “Moviestar”, aka: “9,0,115,0”) now available

In case you’ve missed the news yesterday/today, Adobe has released a new version of Flash Player for Win/Mac/Linus.

Check out Emmy Huang’s blog, Justin Everett-Church’s blog and Tinic Uro’s blog for more details, as well as the official Press Release.

Also, don’t forget about the Flash Player Developer Center, and I’m told that you can find an updated version of the ActionScript 3.0 Language Reference at