Bunch o BlazeDS coverage and links

I meant to post this list earlier, but haven’t had much time in the past few days.
At any rate, if you have a few extra hours this weekend, here’s a short list of BlazeDS coverage you may have missed between Thursday and today (in no particular order):

  1. Adobe open-sourcing data access technology – InfoWorld
  2. Adobe to release developer tools to open source – Computerworld
  3. Adobe to Open Source Messaging Protocols – InternetNews.com
  4. BlazeDS: A Breaking News for the Adobe Flex Community! – SYS-CON
  5. Adobe to open-source Flex back-end connector – CNET Blogs
  6. Adobe open sources Rich Internet Application messaging technology – CNET Blogs
  7. Adobe responds to Appcelerator with open source BlazeDS – CNET Blogs
  8. Adobe takes data access technology open source; Will the enterprise bite? – ZDNet Blogs
  9. Adobe Blazes Into Open Source With Data Services – SD Times
  10. Adobe to Open Source LiveCycle Data Services as BlazeDS – Read/WriteWeb
  11. Adobe Releases BlazeDS, Open Source Version of LiveCycle Data Services – TechCrunch
  12. Adobe Open Sources Remoting and Messaging Technologies Along With AMF Protocol Specification – InfoQ.com
  13. Flash “Ajax” Update: Flex LiveCycle Data Services Goes Open-Source – Ajaxian
  14. Adobe opens up its remoting and messaging apps – ITNews.com
  15. Adobe Marks 25th Year with New Moves – eWEEK
  16. Adobe Releases Open-Source BlazeDS, Updates Flex and AIR – Artima Developer
  17. Adobe To Open Source Data-Connection Technology For Rich Internet Apps – Intelligent Enterprise
  18. Adobe offers source code for messaging technology – CRN
  19. Adobe Announces Open Source Technologies for Enterprise RIAs – TMCnet

For those of you who may have missed the BlazeDS announcements, here are a few other interesting links which may help you get up to speed:

Have any other useful links or [p]reviews? Add them in the comments!

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