This Three-plus Weeks in (12/09)

Seems like I’ve neglected to do this the past few weeks, so here’s an uber-update on all the entries from my “other blog”, Quickly looking at the list, it seems we have several on charting, the ImageSnapshot class, the Tree control, the RichTextEditor control, as well as a few others.

Head on over and check some of them out:

That is a grand total of 64 new entries since November 12th. According to my WordPress dashboard, this brings us up to 340 posts (and 643 comments), in a little less than 6 months. According to Google Reader, that’s roughly 13.3 posts per week. Rock on! A big thanks to all my readers, subscribers, commenters (especially those to help me answer comments/questions), banner clickers, Adobe (for making such a great product), and the rest of the Flex Community.

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