This Week in (01/06)

Happy 2008! My first post in 2008, and it only seems fitting that its my “weekly”, update. Here’s a collection of posts that I managed to come up over the past 2ish weeks:

I don’t see any overwhelming trends, but it seems like I did some entries on the VBox container, Alert control, ColorPicker control, and a few on the ComboBox control and HorizontalList control.

And I can’t say it enough, but I’d like to give a big thanks to all the readers, subscribers, and supporters out there. I’ve lots of really great and positive feedback in comments and email, and I’m glad to see that it seems useful to some people out there on the internets.

Looking at the WordPress dashboard, it seems there are currently 411 posts, 735 comments (and at least another 12,000 spams blocked by Akismet as well as a few thousand more caught by other spam plugins). There are also seemingly around 900 subscribers to my RSS feed (according to FeedBurner)! Not too bad for a little site that I started 6 months ago in July 2007.

One Response to This Week in (01/06)

  1. Artimus says:

    There seems to be a FLEX BUG w dynamic cue points >=10 secs for VideoDisplay objs that were attached (via addChild() to a UIComponent which serves as a “stage”. Adding cue points =>10 secs screws up all cue points.??