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This Week In TechNotes (2/28 Edition)

I just noticed we have a few Flex/Flex Builder/Adobe AIR related tech notes posted on the support site:

Adobe Flex Support Center (site)

Adobe AIR Support Center (site)

Did I mention that Adobe AIR was released for Flash Authoring and Dreamweaver also?

This may have been a bit lost in the shuffle, but Adobe AIR was also released for Flash CS3 and Dreamweaver CS3. For more information, check out Jen deHaan’s blog post over at, So this AIR thing was released but I use Flash CS3… what now?.

More Flex 3 news and links

Here are a few more blog entries from other people on the Flex SDK and Flex Builder teams:

Gordon Smith: What’s up with the open-source Flex SDK project?
Gordon Smith: Disassembling a SWF with swfdump
Gordon Smith: Grab the source code to the Flex SDK
Peter Ent: Adobe Releases Flex 3 and AIR
Flex Doc Team: Flex 3 (and Flex 3 Documentation) is Live!
Mike Morearty: Open Source Flex: The candy store is now unlocked
David Zuckerman: More videos of Flex Builder 3 features
James Ward: 3… 2… 1… LIFT OFF!
Mac Martine: Flex 3 and AIR 1.0 released!
Flex Team Blog: Serial Numbers for Flex Builder 3
Matt Chotin: Flex Behind the Scenes Video
Ted Patrick: Why Adobe AIR?

Whew! It has been a busy day around the Internets…

In addition to the flury of Flex/AIR related posts, 360Flex also happens to be going on in Atlanta. If you weren’t able to attend, Josh Tynjala from Yahoo! has an excellent summary up on his blog, Live From 360Flex, Day One. Josh also mentions Flash Player 10’s upcoming support for the Vector data type. For more information on the Vector class, see Josh post, Discover ECMAScript 4: The Future of ActionScript, and, head over to Francis Cheng’s blog and read his Vectors in ECMAScript 4 entry. I had the honor of working with Francis on the Flash Player documentation team and I can definitely say he’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever known. Currently he’s helping out with the next edition of the ECMAScript language specification and writing Flash Player documentation, so if you like a technical blog where you can actually learn things (unlike my blog), go check it out!

Flashthusiast what now?

It seems like Adobe’s own Jen deHaan (no relation) has started up yet another blog, It seems she has a thing for unpronounceable and unspellable domain names.

So, for those of you keeping track of Jen’s imaginary made-up words, that makes:
deseloper = designer + deseloper;
flashthusiast = flash + enthusiast;

Are you a Flashthusiast, interested in all things Adobe Flash related? Head on over and sign up to the official Flashthusiast RSS feed. With any luck she’ll update the blog 2-3 times before getting distracted by some shiny object and then starting up yet another blog. ;)

Flex 3 now available at the Adobe Store!

It looks like we still might be rolling out the pages, but the front of lists oodles of Flex and Adobe AIR content!

For more information on Adobe Flex 3 and Adobe AIR, see: and

Also, go check out the Developer Center for lots of articles, Flex Developer Center and Adobe AIR Developer Center.

You can also find Adobe Flex Builder 3 (Standard and Professional) at the Adobe Store now, Adobe Flex Builder 3 Standard and Adobe Flex Builder 3 Professional.

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This Two-Weeks in (2/24)

Seems like I’ve had a hard time posting a new “This Week in FlexExamples” post on a regular basis lately…
Anyways, here are a bunch of posts you may have missed over on my other blog,, in the past two weeks:

I don’t see any real trends, other than the fact I did a brief series on setTimeout() method, setInterval() method, and the Timer class.

Installing and uninstalling Adobe Flash Player

Here are a few useful little Flash Player links I’ve come across in the past week or so:

And this is a really useful mini-portal for Flash Player:

Hopefully that helps somebody else out there… Happy coding!

Using embedded fonts with the Flash CS3 DataGrid component

A reader asked me the other day if it was possible to embed fonts into a Flash CS3 DataGrid control’s HeaderRenderer in an ActionScript 3.0 project.

After a bit of code shuffling, it seems it is possible. The trick was I had to create a HeaderRenderer instance and set the embedFonts style to true. Next, I set the row renderer’s embedFonts style to true and the textFormat style using the setRendererStyle() method, and finally set the headerTextFormat style using the setStyle() method.

Full code after the jump.

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Using embedded fonts with the Flash CS3 Button control

The following example shows how you can use embedded fonts (normal weight and bold weight) with a Flash CS3 Button control.

Full code after the jump.

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This Three-Weeks in (2/11)

Well, it seems like I’ve been neglecting this update for a few weeks, so here it goes. Here’s the list of posts you may have missed over on my other blog,, in the past few weeks:

At a quick glance, It seems like I posted mainly on the LinkBar control, the PopUpButton control, the Tree control, and the Camera object.

Happy Flexing!