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Toggling specific compiler warnings in Flash CS3

The following question came up today, so I thought I’d post the answer here in case it helps a few other people out there.

In Flex, the following code generates a couple warnings:

private var i;

private function init() {
return true;

1008: variable ‘i’ has no type declaration.
1008: return value for function ‘init’ has no type declaration.

However, if you do the same thing in Flash CS3, you don’t get the same warnings:

var i;

function peter() {
return true;

If you want to see the same warnings in Flash, you can edit the EnabledWarnings.xml file in your /Configuration/ActionScript 3.0/ directory:

PC: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\en\Configuration\ActionScript 3.0\
Mac: /Applications/Adobe Flash CS3/Configuration/ActionScript 3.0/

Simply change the enabled attribute from false to true for the desired warnings (in this case, the warning id == 1008).

Hope that helps, and a big thanks to Nivesh for the explanation.