This Week’s Top Posts Blogroll

Somebody recently asked me which Flex blogs I subscribed to for my “This Week’s Top Posts” posts. So I spent a few minutes trolling through my Google Reader feeds and came up with this list. Enjoy.

Flex SDK/Flex Builder/LiveCycle/Etc.:

Flash Authoring/Flash Player:

Adobe Developer Connection, Flex Developer Center, Flex TechNotes, Flex Builder Tech Notes:

And remember, my “Top Posts” updates only include Adobe employee blogs. I still read and enjoy dozens of other blogs from various Flex developers. If you think I’ve omitted an Adobe Flex, AIR, Thermo, Flash Authoring, or Flash Player blog (by Adobe employees only), leave a comment and I’ll update this list add the link to my Google Reader.

One Response to This Week’s Top Posts Blogroll

  1. peterd says:

    Raghu has an excellent blog post on the Adobe India Team blogroll: Adobe India Flex Team Blogroll