Adobe Creative Suite 4 available for purchase now, trials available mid-November

As I’m sure you are all aware by now, Adobe recently released Creative Suite 4 (PDF press release), but what you may not have known about is when the trial versions will be available to download!
<spoilerAlert>mid-November 2008!</spoilerAlert>

After a bit of investigation [and asking around] I found the Creative Suite 4 product notification page on, where you can sign up to be notified by e-mail when Adobe Creative Suite 4 trials are available. The dates were actually hidden within the Creative Suite 4 trial FAQ, which says the following:

When will Creative Suite 4 trials be available?
Trials for all products except those in Japanese should be available by mid-November 2008. Japanese-language trials are expected to be available by early December 2008. To be notified about trial availability, you may sign up to be contacted via the product notification form located at

For more information on which products are available for trial download and how you can get a DVD of the various Creative Suite trials, check out the FAQ at