New ActionScript blog –

I started another new blog ( a few months ago, but have been holding off on posting the URL until I got some content posted. Well, content has gone a lot slower than planned, but I think I finally have enough entries where the site may be useful to somebody out there.

The ActionScript Examples blog mainly focuses on ActionScript 3.0 solutions in the Flash Authoring IDE (Flash CS3 and CS4 specifically). My Flex SDK and Flex Builder specific examples will continue to be posted on There are also a few interesting examples of using the Flex SDK compiler in Flash CS4 though, so there will definitely be a bit of overlap between the two blogs.

And since I love using unordered lists, here’s what I’ve posted about in the past nine months since I first set up the blog:

For lots of information about using the new Motion Editor features in Flash CS4, check out Jen deHaan’s blog, Flashthusiast, and for more information on Flash+Flex integration from Tareq AlJaber on the Adobe Flash Authoring team, check out his blog at

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