New Adobe AIR blog –

I started another new blog ( over the holiday break, but have been holding off on posting the URL until I got some content posted.

The Adobe AIR Examples blog mainly focuses on creating Adobe AIR applications using Flex 3 in Flex Builder. I’ll also continue to try and blog Flex SDK and Flex Builder specific examples at and Flash Authoring/ActionScript 3.0 specific examples at

Anyways, here’s what I have so far:

3 Responses to New Adobe AIR blog –

  1. Peter,Thanks for another great site!I’d love to see screenshots of some of these examples in action. For instance, on the first link, I’m not sure what that status message is exactly. If you could add an image or two when posting a new example, that would icing on the cake.

  2. Steven Sacks says:

    Awesome! Could you include a tutorial for how to do dragging and dropping between two separate NativeWindows in the same applications?

  3. FlexFlip says:

    Brilliant! Great work Peter.