Adobe Flash Player available on

Not sure how long it has been there, but if you haven’t already downloaded Adobe Flash Player 10.0.22.x, head on over to and grab the latest version of Flash Player. Not sure which version of Flash Player you’re currently rocking? Fear not, we got you covered:
Plus, If you want ’em, we also have some Installation Instructions as well as some System Requirements.

7 Responses to Adobe Flash Player available on

  1. A. says:

    why is it always such a mess trying to find all the players needed for developing??why isn’t there one place where you can find the browser plugin (debug version – after all – this blog is directed towards developers) and the standalone debug version (again, after all, developers usually only install debug versions) ??The big problem is the way the Adobe pushes the new player, what you linked on top is good for the general mass.. but I (and I guess some more) need 1 (one and only one) page where there’s a very clear box that says “Up to Date Versions” with the date, and 2 links to download, one for the browser and one standalone both the debug build (you can put a link to direct someone to the regular builds.. if some user strayed in..).Thanks!!

  2. peterd says:

    Good points, all of them.The problem right now (I think) is that I don’t think Flash Player 10.0.22.x is fully launched yet. I’m still seeing a number of pages on saying that is the latest version.But keep your eyes on the following pages:Adobe Flash Player Support Center downloads page: Flash Players available for testing purposes Tech Note:

  3. Saeed Ashour says:

    Hi peter …thanks for your infobut Wired still says latest Flash Player version is needs update the fp version

  4. @Saeed says:

    Saeed, that’s normal with adobe. They never do stuff in time. IMO installer should check if I have debug version and suggest installing debug version. There could be url like

  5. Chris says:

    What about a WhatsNew.txt for the new version too?

  6. wayne says:

    Need flash for my droid x

  7. Lydia says:

    I need plugins for AdobeFlashPlayer, Please can u help me to get this plugins,
    i searched in site but i didnt find it.