New Flex Gumbo Architecture Review Board (ARB) Issues posted: Group Scale Grid

Just a heads up, today we posted the “Group Scale Grid” ARB notes on the Gumbo page at Curious about what Group Scale Grid means? Me too!

The support for scale-9 resizing is confused between Flex SDK, FXG, and the CS tools, and needs to be resolved.

Flex current supports scale-9 only on embedded bitmaps, as it did in Flex 3. When a bitmap is embedded with scale-9 parameters, those parameters will be respected, regardless of whether the embedded asset is used as a display object inside a UIComponent, the source for an Image, or the source for a BitmapGraphic.

In case you missed the previous ARB notes, check out my earlier post, “Flex Gumbo Architecture Review Board (ARB) Issues posted to site”, or hit up the Flex Gumbo page on the site.