Spark Primitive Text Changes (Flex

There was a recent SVN checkin last night (revision 9948) that may impact a few Flex 4 apps/skins out there… For a bit more background on the issue/decision, see the Spark Text Primitives Decision page on the Adobe Flex Open Source site. But for now, here’s a quick quote:

To summarize the decisions we’ve made:

  1. Replace SimpleText with Label, a UIComponent version of the same component.
  2. Instead of extending GraphicElement, RichText will extend UIComponent (like Label will).
  3. All of the spark text components will move to spark.components.*, so there will be spark.components.Label, spark.components.RichText, and spark.components.RichEditableText.
  4. The base class for SimpleText and RichText, spark.primitives.supportClasses.TextGraphicElement, will now extend UIComponent (instead of GraphicElement) and be moved and renamed to spark.components.supportClasses.TextBase. All of our text skin parts will now be typed as TextBase instead of TextGraphicElement.
  5. For now, RichEditableText and RichText will co-exist. Performance numbers showed that it may be possible to collapse them, but we don’t have the time right now to do this. We will revisit this later on, time permitting.

You can download new builds of Flext 4 SDK from here.

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