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Adobe MAX 2009 sessions posted on Adobe TV

I posted this on my twitter account last night, but the Adobe MAX 2009 sessions have now been posted on Adobe TV at

I did a quick scan and here’s a list of the Flex/Flash Builder specific looking sessions:

I now own all four halo colors

The other day I noticed on Lee Probert’s blog that he bought himself a fancy new hex color from for the grand total of $1.

So I’m proud to say that I’m now the owner of the following four “halo” colors: haloBlue, haloGreen, haloOrange, and haloSilver.

Adobe Flash Builder 4 beta 2 now available!

I just noticed on the Adobe Flash Builder Labs page that Flash Builder 4 beta 2 is available for download; (Release Notes)

Also, head on over to the Adobe Flex Developer Center and check out the following articles:

Got questions? Visit the Labs forum for Flash Builder 4. Found a bug (or have an enhancement request)? Visit the Flex Bug base. Also, don’t forget about the Adobe Flex Cookbook (which has a growing number of Flex 4 beta posts). And finally, please go check out the excellent Flex 4 Beta 2 documentation; Flex 4 Beta 2 documentation live.