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New Adobe ColdFusion blog —

I started another new blog ( the other month, but have been holding off on posting the URL until I got some more content posted.
So far just a random collection of ColdFusion things that I could remember from my ColdFusion days and some new stuff from ColdFusion 8 and 9.

As always, you can follow my sad little Twitter account (@pdehaan) to see the latest aggregated posts from my mini example blog empire (as well as other random tweets).

Flex Hero SDK preview build available now

I posted this on my @pdehaan Twitter yesterday, but forgot to post it here. Yesterday (Tue Nov 30, 2010) we posted the latest preview build of Flex Hero SDK (build You can grab it from
For more information on the next release of the Flex SDK (codename: Hero), check out the Flex Hero page on the Adobe Open Source site.