Flex Hero SDK preview build available now

I posted this on my @pdehaan Twitter yesterday, but forgot to post it here. Yesterday (Tue Nov 30, 2010) we posted the latest preview build of Flex Hero SDK (build You can grab it from http://bit.ly/flexHero.
For more information on the next release of the Flex SDK (codename: Hero), check out the Flex Hero page on the Adobe Open Source site.

3 Responses to Flex Hero SDK preview build available now

  1. Hi Perter,

    Shouldn’t the mobilecomponents.swc be included on this release? At least it is present on the previous one and now it vanished.


  2. PhilFlash says:

    Hi Peter,
    Same problem.
    There are no mobile components in this version.
    When you configure the Flex SDK in Flash Builder Burito, there is a message :
    “The selected Flex SDK does not support building mobile projects.”


    • Peter deHaan says:

      @Marvin, Philippe,

      No, this is basically just a “nightly” Flex SDK release and doesn’t include the latest runtimes or mobile code, etc. It was only intended for testing the latest SDK features (such as s:DataGrid, s:Image, s:Form, etc).