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Adobe MAX 2009 sessions posted on Adobe TV

I posted this on my twitter account last night, but the Adobe MAX 2009 sessions have now been posted on Adobe TV at

I did a quick scan and here’s a list of the Flex/Flash Builder specific looking sessions:

BETA ActionScript 3.0 Reference for the Adobe Flash Platform released on

I just “tweeted” this, but thought it warranted a nice little blog post as well.

The documentation team released a cool new version of the Adobe Flash Platform Language Reference (which includes all APIs from the following products: Adobe Flash CS4 Professional, Adobe AIR, LiveCycle Data Services, Adobe ColdFusion, Adobe Flex, and Adobe Flash Player — as well as the Text Layout Framework (TLF) classes). And the great news is, you can filter content based on Runtimes (Adobe AIR and/or Flash Player) as well as by Product (Flex, Flash Authoring, LiveCycle, and/or ColdFusion).

For more information, check out the following blog posts by real live members of the Adobe Learning Resources team:
“Introducing the ActionScript 3.0 Reference for the Adobe Flash Platform “ via Adobe Flash Platform Runtime Documentation Team blog
“One ActionScript Language Reference to rule them all” via FlashLit blog (Rob Dixon)

Adobe Cookbooks 2.0 site launched

I just saw over on the ADC (Adobe Developer Connection) blog that they’ve released an updated version of the Adobe Cookbooks online application (or if you’re looking for the Adobe Flex Cookbook specifically, check out

Also, head over to the Developer Connection site and read Ed Sullivan’s exellent “Introducing Adobe Cookbooks 2.0” article.

Update: Wow, there are quite a few more Cookbooks than I expected:

Adobe Creative Suite 4 available for purchase now, trials available mid-November

As I’m sure you are all aware by now, Adobe recently released Creative Suite 4 (PDF press release), but what you may not have known about is when the trial versions will be available to download!
<spoilerAlert>mid-November 2008!</spoilerAlert>

After a bit of investigation [and asking around] I found the Creative Suite 4 product notification page on, where you can sign up to be notified by e-mail when Adobe Creative Suite 4 trials are available. The dates were actually hidden within the Creative Suite 4 trial FAQ, which says the following:

When will Creative Suite 4 trials be available?
Trials for all products except those in Japanese should be available by mid-November 2008. Japanese-language trials are expected to be available by early December 2008. To be notified about trial availability, you may sign up to be contacted via the product notification form located at

For more information on which products are available for trial download and how you can get a DVD of the various Creative Suite trials, check out the FAQ at

This Week in Flex Developer Center and Adobe Developer Connection (10/11)

Here is a list of new entries posted by the Flex Developer Center and Developer Connection teams from the past week or so:

The Adobe Creative Suite 4 Documentation is live!

In an earlier blog post, “The Adobe Flash CS4 Documentation is live!”, I mentioned that the Flash CS4 documentation was live. Tonight I did a bit more searching and found that all of the Adobe Creative Suite 4 documentation is live.

Get ready to get your CS4 on:

If you think I missed a product, please leave a comment (and link to said Adobe documentation) in the comments and I’ll add it to the list above.

Adobe releases Flash Player 10 beta (codename: Astro) on Labs

In case you haven’t heard the news, the Flash Player team released a beta version of Flash Player 10 on the Adobe Labs site today:

For more information, see the Flash Player 10 technology page at

Key New Features:

  • 3D Effects
  • Custom Filters and Effects
  • Advanced Text Layout
  • Enhanced Drawing API
  • Visual Performance Improvements

You can download the Flash Player 10/Astro beta from

Adobe releases Adobe Media Player and Adobe TV

Adobe Media Player Now Available
New Adobe AIR Application Redefines Next-Generation TV Experiences for Viewers and Broadcasters — Adobe today announced the immediate availability of Adobe Media Player 1.0 software… (more)
Adobe Media Player is available for immediate download at

New Adobe TV Programming Comes Online
Unique Creative Suite 3 Video Content Available Via Adobe Media Player and New Web Destination — Adobe today announced Adobe TV, a free online video resource for expert instruction and inspiration about Adobe products, including the company’s Creative Suite 3 family of world-class creative tools… (more)
Adobe TV is immediately available online from the Adobe Web site at

Did I mention that Adobe AIR was released for Flash Authoring and Dreamweaver also?

This may have been a bit lost in the shuffle, but Adobe AIR was also released for Flash CS3 and Dreamweaver CS3. For more information, check out Jen deHaan’s blog post over at, So this AIR thing was released but I use Flash CS3… what now?.

Flex 3 now available at the Adobe Store!

It looks like we still might be rolling out the pages, but the front of lists oodles of Flex and Adobe AIR content!

For more information on Adobe Flex 3 and Adobe AIR, see: and

Also, go check out the Developer Center for lots of articles, Flex Developer Center and Adobe AIR Developer Center.

You can also find Adobe Flex Builder 3 (Standard and Professional) at the Adobe Store now, Adobe Flex Builder 3 Standard and Adobe Flex Builder 3 Professional.

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