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Using embedded fonts with the Flash CS3 DataGrid component

A reader asked me the other day if it was possible to embed fonts into a Flash CS3 DataGrid control’s HeaderRenderer in an ActionScript 3.0 project.

After a bit of code shuffling, it seems it is possible. The trick was I had to create a HeaderRenderer instance and set the embedFonts style to true. Next, I set the row renderer’s embedFonts style to true and the textFormat style using the setRendererStyle() method, and finally set the headerTextFormat style using the setStyle() method.

Full code after the jump.

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Setting a Flash data grid’s background color based on a row’s data (ActionScript 3.0 edition)

Hot on the heels of the previous post… Here is another section of the third [and final] quick start on the Flash ActionScript 3.0 DataGrid component.

In this section we cover setting a row’s background color/skin based on the row’s data. And again I apologize for what will most certainly be hard to read formatting.

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Alternating background colors in a Flash data grid (ActionScript 3.0 edition)

Somebody was asking me today how to alternate background colors for the DataGrid component in Flash CS3 today (using the new ActionScript 3.0 components). Well, as luck has it, I wrote a section on it in an upcoming Flash Quick Start for the DataGrid component (my third and final installment on DataGrid).

The wording/code may change, but here’s the latest draft of the “Alternating background colors in a data grid” section. Oh, and don’t worry, the formatting will be *much* better once the Developer Center people clean it up.

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